Mixing Laguna

Mixing “laguna” and shooting for lush and dreamy, while listening to ambient-electronic classics Global Communication “76:14″, Higher Intelligence Agency “Colourform” and Ulrich Schnauss “Faraway Trains Passing By”.

The “laguna” to do list:
-needs to flow more, slower fade ins/outs at transitions
-volume/pan/fx on noises
-level out bass pad
-pad needs something more
-”solo” parts in some sections
-blips need something, maybe edit down
-automate 04counter track delay
-sidechain bass/kick
-more crash/ride?
-pep up the drums
-add some KaossPad-like effects to drums
-percussion reverb
-precision buss compressor on drum bus
-tweak builds
-emphasize loud/soft dynamics
-automate chorus to be deeper at certain parts
-pick a couple places to do special things with effects