Mixing Rollover

Mixing “rollover” while listening to Orbital “Snivilization”, The Orb “Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld”, and Fila Brazillia “Jump Leads”. Mixing this and “laguna” is taking a little but longer than expected, but I want to make sure they are good, and I want to spend more time making my favorite songs great rather than just polishing up all things that are only okay. I’ve also started listening to all the mixes on headphones and will be tweaking some things based on that. Hopefully these two will be done in a couple more days.

The “rollover” to-do list:
-make spacy parts spacier
-even out basspad levels
-bounce delay tracks
-automate delays w/feedback on dropoffs
-drums need work
-need a couple more drum crashes
-maybe put in short tom bursts
-work on hats, maybe use replicant?
-compress/distort parallel snare, mix in
-percussion needs something
-tweak those builds
-automate choruses to be deeper at key points
-tweak release times on all compressors
-tweak panning, mix on headphones
-focus on important parts
-emphasize loud/soft dynamics