Mixing Puppy

Finishing up the “puppy” mix and listening to Autechre “Incunabula”, Metamatics “Mind Mushing Git”, and Mouse on Mars “Iaora Tahiti”. The mixes are going faster now, and I’m started to get excited about finishing everything up.

The “puppy” to-do list:
-adjust basspad volume
-add some phase/flange to the pads
-tweak delay trails on bass
-fix volume automation on delay tracks
-work on reverb presets
-effects/EQ on noises
-trim down noises
-mix needs more depth
-use automated pans instead of tremolo
-adjust volume on bubble sounds
-add special effects to percussion
-add some toms to builds?
-drums need work, listen on headphones
-add delay on drums during builds
-tweak transitions
-emphasize loud/soft dynamics