Mixing Hummin

Mixing the first song on the album, “hummin”, and listening to Bola “Soup”, Air “Moon Safari”, and Cocteau Twins “Heaven or Las Vegas”. This is the only track without any drums, which has made mixing it a bit of a challenge for me. I may also take the drums off the last track, “tea&t”, so there is some symmetry to the flow of the album. Or maybe not.

“hummin” to-do list:
-fix delay on bass
-bass is too hazy and distant, take off some effects
-little verb on bass
-eq big pad
-new reverb on pad chorus bus?
-effects/eq/volume on noises
-long verb on noise wash
-make clicky intro noises more interesting
-slowly fade percussion sounds in and out
-crash for big builds?
-automate volume
-automate width
-quiet/loud dynamics