Mixing Tea&Toast

I am still alive and (soon to be again) mixing. Last weekend I was out of town on a trip, and by the time I got back I had caught some sort of cold/flu bug. Needless to say, a head full of congestion and feeling cruddy in general is no way to finish up a mix, so I’ve spent this week sitting on the couch scarfing down Dayquil, drinking fluids, and feeling sorry for myself rather than being inside the studio working on the songs. The congestion has now mostly moved from my head down to my chest, so I’m hoping to get back in the studio tomorrow, and cough my way to the finish line.

While starting to mix “tea&t” I was listening to Aphex Twin “Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2″, Brian Eno “Ambient 1: Music For Airports”, and Biosphere “Substrata”. I’ve tentatively decided to take the drums out of this one, so that the first and last songs are both beatless. So far it is sounding okay but it just hasn’t quite gelled yet, although it is starting to get there. Before I left last weekend, I also put together a new full album mix which is currently clocking in at fifty nine minutes exactly. I have a feeling this is probably where it’s going to end up length-wise.

After I get the “tea&t” mix done, I need to go back and do some touch-up bits to all the other mixes based on how they sound in the context of the whole album, and work on getting the interludes between the songs right. I will be leaving town again in a week for another trip, and the goal is to have a nearly-final mix to put up here before I leave.

“tea&t” to-do list:
-timing seems a bit off at certain points, nudge pads a little
-parts need to be more subtle, less upfront
-more of the lead part at the end?
-more bass parts
-acidy part sticks out too much, send it to the back
-some delays need to be longer, too much activity
-need automation on delays
-volume automate noises and blips
-fade parts in and out slowly
-need to do builds without drums
-more effects on the big pad
-more careful use of reverb
-figure out how how wide the song should feel
-use gain plugin to swap l/r for liquid stereo-izing