Headed out to Glacier National Park

I’m headed out of town to Glacier National Park in Montana for a week of hiking, relaxing and unplugging from the internet. I’m bringing my Tenori-On to hopefully write some new music, or at least have some fun playing around with it.

Here’s the preview mix of slowburn. This is the whole album and it is really almost done now! Once I get back, I just need to tweak a few little last bits and then figure out what we are going to do as far as releasing it. I also need to convert a couple of the songs into a format that people can use to remix them, and maybe make a youtube video for one of them. Anyway, if you get a chance to listen to it, let me know what you think. At this point I’ve lost most of my perspective on whether or not it’s actually any good… which is a sure sign that it is in fact nearly finished.

See you in a week!