UAD-2 revealed!

The Universal Audio plugins have been my favorite and most used plugins during this project. I’ve used their Neve EQs on every song, the Plate 140 reverb plugin on many of them, and the Roland chorus and delay plugins all over the place. The biggest problem I’ve had is that the plugins don’t run natively on your computer, you have to buy a separate card and use its DSP to run them, and those UAD-1 cards just weren’t powerful enough to run enough plugins at the same time. Well, today they finally announced their new UAD-2 cards with a lot more power, definitely check them out if you’re interested in these plugins!

One catch for me is the cards seem to be PCI-E only, so I would need to buy a new Intel Mac to put them in, and looking at the Apple store, MacPros are quite expensive. It also looks like all the old plugins I bought (and I bought a lot of them) are only free to upgrade to UAD-2 through the end of this year, so I’d have to buy both a new Mac and a new UAD-2 within the next few months if I wanted to get all my old plugins for free. Pretty lame, actually. I’ll have to think about this one.