More Videogames

I’ve been listening to the latest and greatest full album mix while playing some videogames. I’ve heard these songs way too many times, so I need something to distract me enough to listen to the music and get the big picture, rather than obsessing about the individual bits and pieces. Of course, I also just like playing videogames.

The more frantic game I have been playing is “Super Stardust HD”, which is a souped-up version of Asteroids that constantly throws a bunch of stuff at you and keeps you in a perpetual state of panic as you try to blow everything up without running into anything. This game definitely takes my mind off the minutiae of the mix, as well as inspireing me to curse loudly and creatively at the TV. The music actually goes along with it surprisingly well even though it’s comparatively very mellow. It’s kind of like playing Grand Theft Auto with the ambient station on, I guess.

The other game is “Endless Ocean” which is a super chilled out diving game. You swim around petting fish, dolphins, penguins, whales and various other creatures. The game is mostly about exploring the ocean, with a few optional goals you don’t really have to do, and absolutely zero violence or killing. The music goes great with this game too, and the audio output of the Wii goes through the TV rather than the stereo, so I get to listen to the music on yet another set of speakers/headphones.

I did find out that “Endless Ocean” does not like mp3s encoded at 256kbps. When I tried to use that file it sounded like I was underwater with weird bubbly distortions to the sound. At first I thought that was actually an intentional feature, since it is a diving game, but it wasn’t. Encoding the mix at mere “good” quality 128kbps fixed everything.

This past week I worked on five of the songs, and I’m very happy with the latest mix. I fixed up “hummin” to the point where I don’t think I’ll need to add beats, fixed a few sounds in “puppy” that were bugging me when I listened on headphones, and chopped out some extraneous parts on “lemon”, “rollover” and “lurp” to tighten them up and simplify them. Everything is sounding really good, and I’m hoping to finish everything up this week by focusing on adding some fun and cool little bits. The one remaining problem is the last track, which I’m still not 100% happy with, but I’m making progress there too. Again, almost there!