A couple new plugins…

New Moog filter plugin from UAD. It sounds great, particularly the distortion stage which mimics the Moogerfooger input stage, and has 2-pole and 4-pole lowpass, bandpass and highpass filters. It’s very DSP hungry though, it uses up a lot of the UAD cards processor power and the UAD-1 doesn’t handle plugins like that very well. Still, it sounds great, has LFOs and some nice stereo-izing features, and won’t hum and tune in local radio like the hardware Moogerfooger filter pedal that I had to return.

I will probably get this, and may use it for last minute tweaks on a song or two as I finish up slowburn. I hope they do more effect plugins, I still use the Roland plugins on every single song I mix.

And a new compressor plugin from Audio Damage called Rough Rider. It’s not modelled after any particular piece of real hardware (as far as I know), it has all the usual compressor parameters but is fairly straightforward. I’ve mostly tried mangling drum loops with it, and it does that well. It doesn’t give you numeric values for the various knobs, you’ve got to just play it by ear, which is cool. It seems to have some distortion/limiter stage in there, everything comes out limited to 0dB with some nice added harmonics (the “rough” part of the name, presumably), which is nice.

Oh, and it’s completely free, so there’s no excuse not to grab it.