Leaving behind slowburn and leaving behind San Francisco

I’ve been working on the slowburn project for almost two years, even more than that if you count the original work of creating the Burning Man ambient sets. It’s always hard to let go of a piece of music, and have it be frozen forever as an inevitably imperfect realization of everything you wanted it to be, but it gets even harder to let go the longer you work at it. When you’ve spent so much time and energy and ego on something, your expectations for it just grow bigger and bigger, and the end product seemingly needs to be better and better to justify all that time and work. But, at some point you just need to recognize that your forward progress came to a stop a while ago, and give up, and move on.

I finally got to that point with the slowburn album, and I’ve also gotten to that point with living in San Francisco. Currently I’m driving across the country to the east coast, and leaving SF behind. I’m not entirely happy with the decision to move, just like I’m not entirely happy with having to give up on the slowburn project, but hey, so it goes. I do know that I will always connect this project and San Francisco together in my mind, and it will always remind me of the time I spent in a cool and weird and fun and contradictory place.

But anyway, we’re not quite done with this slowburn blog yet… there are still a lot of things left to do after all the music has been recorded and mixed: send the audio files in for mastering, get the album artwork, send the mastered audio and artwork to the CD pressing plant for duplication, and arrange physical and digital distribution. Also various promotional things such as CD mailings to radio stations and blogs, create some stems so the songs can be remixed, polish up the Nord Modular patches for a song or two, and possibly make a Youtube video. And some general wrapup/recap type posts.

So once I get to my new home and get settled in I’ll start up again with some of those things, as well as working on some new music projects (finally!).