Unpacking, setting things up, missing some bolts and screws

I’m still unpacking things, getting the studio set back up, and trying to find the bolts and screws that hold my studio desk together. I vaguely remember putting them somewhere special so I wouldn’t lose them… and of course now I can’t find them.

Some interesting thoughts and comments over on Analog Industries about how to advertise a self-released album. General mood so far seems to be pretty grim, which has been my experience as well, but maybe someone will come along and give us all the answers. Promotion has always been a weak spot for me, I have zero talent for it.

I’m currently thinking about potential slowburn videos (the Fujiya & Miyagi video above is fantastic, eh?), as well as doing remixes, doing some programming again, maybe writing a book… I definitely need to get everything set up so I can focus again on getting the slowburn CDs manufactured and seeing this project through to the end.