Week 3, Day 5 – Feb 3rd

I got the power supply for the tape echo today, so it’s up and going. So far I’m liking it, you can watch the tape spin around as it goes, it definitely has a particular sound to it that I like, and it sounds especially good as you change the tape speed. Negatives are: 1) it’s mechanical and thus a little noisy 2) it has a weird thing where it stops recording when you don’t put anything in for a while which is fine except there’s a pop that gets echoed when it starts back up 3) there’s definitely a lot of warble, which is cool but I might also like there to be a bit less sometimes… I bought it used so I might just need to change the tape.

I recorded one more part for “Stuck” using the tape echo, I like the result but I took too long playing around to get it. Need to be more productive… still need to spend more time in the studio.

Tomorrow I need to record multiple parts, do a rough-but-closer drum recording, and run five miles.