Roland TR-606 Drumatix

The TR-606 is the more affordable little brother of the better known TR-808 (hip hop and electro) and TR-909 (house and trance) drum machines. The sounds are generated with analog circuits, not with samples, but you have no real control over the sound parameters other than volume. There are some custom kits available to modify these boxes to have more control over the sounds, but mine is currently not modded. The 606 has the intuitive step sequencer the x0x drum machines are known for, can be synced up with other machines using DIN-SYNC, and has trigger outs that can be used to sequence gate triggers on other boxes (such as the Moog MURF effects processor). It’s got a nice electro 80’s drum machine sound to it that improves considerably with some distortion, EQing and compression.

This is a short demo of TR-606 sounds, with only light EQ/compression/reverb/limiting by UAD plugins: 606 Dry Demo

This is another short demo of the TR-606, first dry, then through the Frostwave Funkaduck envelope filter, then also through the Moogerfooger Phaser, then also through the Moog Delay: 606 Effects Demo