Korg KPR-77 samples for “lemon”

I recently bought a Korg KPR-77 drum machine since it’s cheap, analog, and was rumored to be similar to the TR-606. The sequencer is a bit more fiddly than the 606’s easy and intuitive x0x-style programmer, and the sounds aren’t nearly as good… but it’s a fun little beatbox with some character. Like the 606, there is no control over the individual sounds other than volume, and I had to do a fair amount of processing to get sounds I was only marginally happy with. Overall, my thinking is that the KPR-77 will be a good supplemental analog blip machine (after being sent through some processors) to layer some additional sounds on top of the 808 and 909, but it probably won’t be used as the foundation of any drum tracks. But who knows, maybe something will call for its particular sound.

This is a short and simple demo using the samples that were created for “lemon”: four bars of just the straight KPR samples, then four bars through the Trash plugin, then four bars through Trash + FilterFreak + Dubstation plugins.

Here is a set of six samples from the Korg KPR-77, going through the Culture Vulture for light distortion, and then processed with UAD EQ/compression/reverb and Sonalksis gate plugins.