Roland TR-909 samples for “lurp”

The Roland TR-909 always reminds me of my first Atari computer. I think it’s probably the grey color scheme and old school computer keyboard type buttons. Its kick, snare and hat sounds have been beaten into the ground, dragged back up to their feet, and then beaten down again several times over. They still sound good. I tried to create some not-so-normal 909 sounds for “lurp”, I’m not sure I really succeeded, and some of the sounds I’m not all that happy with. The sounds I ended up using in the demo were basically the ones that most sounded like a 909, which basically says I failed in my attempts to get something new and good from it. Oh well. The other samples sound sort of industrial, they will hopefully be usable if I play with them a bit more in the sampler but they ended up sounding a little too harsh for the demo. To process the samples I first gave them a heavy dose of Culture Vulture distortion, and then used the Sonalksis EQ, compressor, and gate plugins with a touch of Audio Damage Reverence reverb.

Listen to a quick demo of some of the sampled TR-909 sounds, first dry, then through the FabFilter Volcano filter and Audio Damage Dubstation delay plugins, then the same thing again with a synth sound added.

Here are the samples, I used a lot of distortion so some of them sound sort of industrial.