Mixer problems

My Spirit 328 digital mixer is having problems. These mixers were plagued with power supply problems, and mine has always been a little quirky, occasionally resetting (an early symptom of the problem) after it’s been turned on for about fifteen minutes. Last night the 328 didn’t want to power on at all, so I assumed it was dead, and I was very very unhappy and frustrated. Then, a few minutes later, it randomly decided to turn on… since then, it’s been chugging along, so it’s staying powered on 24/7 until everything is recorded or it completely dies.

I haven’t decided whether to send the mixer in for repair (cost will be about $350) or just get rid of it and buy something new and improved. Unfortunately, digital technology is very much about disposing of the not so old in favor of the oh so new, unlike older analog equipment that aged very well and in fact sometimes became more valuable with age. This thing is only about eight years old and it’s already outdated to the point where I’m considering junking it rather than pay a few hundred bucks to fix it, which is kind of depressing. Bleh.