Audio Damage just released a new chorus plugin named Fluid that sounds fantastic. It’s the first one I’ve heard that matches up with the UAD Roland choruses and sounds like a “real” hardware chorus. It also has more control over the sound than the UAD ones do, but, importantly… not too much control. Sound-wise, it reminds me of the Analog Man Chorus pedal, which was modelled after the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone pedal and ended up being my favorite non-Roland chorus that I used during this project. This plugin along with AD’s through zero flanger Liquid and their analog-modelled delay Dubstation make a great vintage sounding plugin combo pack. I’ve already used Fluid on a couple slowburn tracks, I’ve been trying not to overuse Liquid, and Dubstation has been used heavily from the beginning.

Since we started the project, the native plugin effects world has really improved. Audio Damage released those effects, and SoundToys released their set of modelled plugins which also sound fantastic. Add in the latest release of AmpliTube, the native plugin versions of Line 6’s models, and the already superb UAD ones and things are really starting to get pretty good in the world of computer based effects. I’d go as far as to say that if all of these had been available when I started, I probably wouldn’t have bothered buying a bunch of hardware effects for this project. The flexibility and ease of use of software effects have been there for a while, now the sound is finally catching up, a few years behind when the same sort of progression happened with software synths.