Nine Inch Nails released another album today, pretty much out of nowhere. This one is two hours of instrumental electronic soundscapes, which is exactly what I’ve been wanting to hear from Trent Reznor for a long time. So far I’m digging it. Priced at $5 for download in a variety of formats, you can’t beat that. Available from his NiN site, which is currently completely overloaded, or through Amazon’s mp3 store. Also available are fancier versions, one of which again includes all the master tracks, for all sorts of remix fun. And a completely free version, that is the first quarter of the album.

To make the album, he holed himself away in the studio with some collaborators for ten weeks with the goal of releasing whatever random stuff they came up with. Ah, I remember when I thought slowburn was only going to take ten weeks… that was over a year ago I believe…

He also released three of his older tracks for my favorite video game Rock Band last week. Trying to play the drum and bass tempo breakbeats of “The Perfect Drug” on the drums is fairly insane.