Jomox M-Resonator

I’ve been using the Jomox M-Resonator filter on the rollover drum sounds. The drums were sounding kind of boring so I decided to go heavy on the filtering for one song and throw it on (almost) everything. The Jomox is a weird little box, it has stereo ins and outs and has a pair of standard lowpass filters with envelope followers, so in theory it’s just your standard stereo lowpass filter. But, it also has some weird feedback paths, both within each filter (the traditional resonance can go positive or negative) as well as feedback (again positive and negative) mixed between the two filters.

The result very easily turns into weird distorted feedback madness that does not at all resemble the original signal. In fact on a lot of settings the thing sounds more like an extreme distortion effect than a filter effect. Which is to say, basically, the sort of thing that is fun to play with but not very useful in most musical contexts. So you have to find the sweet spots within all the various feedback paths, and since the two filters are affecting the right and left sides differently you can get some interesting stereo effects. At the same time, turning any knob in the slightest can result in howling, painful feedback, and there is only so much rational thought you can put into predicting what turning a particular knob will do… at some point the thing just kind of seems to do whatever it wants to do. For this reason, I don’t see it as a very useful live box, its just too random and crazy, but it’s a lot of fun to experiment with in the studio.

Hooked up to the Machinedrum, the feedback seems to reinforce the bass and make everything a little more interesting. You do need to pay attention to the input levels, since the envelope that gets triggered by them has a big effect on the results. As long as you don’t overdo it, it can be pretty cool without being too obnoxious. And it can be kind of cool when you overdo it too…

A little Jomox Demo, where I go out of my way not to overdo it. A Machinedrum pattern into the Jomox, first four bars dry, then each four bars with a slightly different M-Resonator setting. I did not include any of the really messed up ones, these mostly sound like a normal filter, with some interesting stereo bits.

Of course you can also just use it to make bizarre howling feedback noises, with or without an input signal. This isn’t really my thing musically, so I mostly avoid those bits, but as I mentioned before it’s hard not to stumble upon them just by turning a knob a little too much. Here’s a Youtube video made by somebody that shows its weirder side.

The last set of three songs is almost done, they have one more cycle of listen’n'revise to go through and then I’ll put them up and move on to the full mix.