Mutronics Mutator

I’m using the Mutronics Mutator filter on some of the laguna drum sounds. Unlike the previously mentioned weirdo Jomox, this one is pretty much your basic standard low-pass filter with cutoff, resonance, an envelope, and an LFO. Like the Jomox, it has two filters that work independently on the left and right channels, so you can get some fun stereo effects. One thing I like is being able to set the sensitivity of the input into the envelope, unlike on the Jomox where you have to actually change the level of the input itself if you want to trigger the envelope differently. I also like how it has left and right knob controls for pretty much everything you’d want a filter to do: envelope amount/attack/decay, LFO amount/shape/speed, cutoff, resonance. It also has nice MIDI and CV control options.

The only problem is that I haven’t really warmed up to the basic sound of the thing. It sounds nice enough I guess, but very clean and kind of boring. To me it just sounds like a regular old lowpass filter (albeit with various handy modulations) no matter how you set it. Which is a good thing in many respects, but is also the sort of sound that these days is easier done with a software plugin. I wish I could put the sound of some of my other filters into this one’s form (rackmount is nice) and controls (knobs for everything). Also, they’ve been discontinued and for whatever reason people really like them and recommend them constantly, so they are fetching a decent amount of money at the moment. In fact, it sells for about as much as all my other filters combined, and I have a decent (maybe even indecent) number of filters. I feel kind of lame and vaguely guilty owning something that is discontinued and rare and expensive but that I’m just not crazy about, and that somebody else would probably love to use. So, when this project is done I will likely sell it and just stick with my other cheaper and weirder filters.

Here’s a demo of a Korg Electribe ER-1 making some bloops that are then run through the Mutator. First four bars just the Electribe dry, then each four bars after that with some different settings on the Mutator. Listen in stereo if possible.

Mutator Demo