Free Fresca for everyone if slowburn not finished in 2008

Any time I feel like this project is taking waaaay too long, I try to cheer up by reminding myself that Axl Rose has spent fifteen years on the next would-be Guns’N'Roses album “Chinese Democracy”. This doomed project has been spinning its wheels in the mud so long it has become the stuff of legend. Every so often they will give a release date, the last one was this month actually, and then when that date finally arrives they pretend it never happened. And now, apparently, Dr. Pepper has offered to give a free can of soda to every person in the USA (except Slash and Buckethead, for playing a part in delaying Axl’s grand vision) if the album finally gets released this year. This is a strange promotion, and I’m not sure if Guns’N'Roses are part of it or if Dr. Pepper just decided it was a funny way to get a bunch of free publicity. If the latter, obviously it worked.

Anyway, submodern is currently in negotiations with the Fresca corporation for a similar deal for “slowburn”. Stay tuned, we will hopefully be able to make a formal announcement via worldwide press release sometime around April 1st.