Mixing Bubblepop

Mixing “bubblepop” and listening to 70’s funk/jazz/soul… Herbie Hancock “Headhunters”, Parliament “Funkentelechy vs the Placebo Syndrome”, Stevie Wonder “Talking Book”.

To-do list for “bubblepop”:
-balance out bass part volumes
-add EQ/effects to the noises
-automate volume on noises
-maybe blur the pad a little, add delay/verb or CE-1 chorus?
-maybe add some dimension D on voice parts
-trim down the delays/verbs, emphasize a couple parts/times
-bounce drum bus
-use neve comp on drum bus?
-need to add a couple 909 crashes
-add verb/something to toms?
-add verb on snare
-add verb on other perc?
-tweak room verb on drum bus
-add hall verb on pad/chord?
-tweak overall UAD plate verb
-exaggerate the loud/soft dynamic
-automate pan instead of using tremolo
-pick a couple of key points to do interesting things