Mixing Lemonzen

Mixing “lemon” and going for a modern, crisp, synthetic sound along the lines of trendy minimal melodic techno like Gui Boratto “Chromophobia”, Booka Shade “Movements”, and Trentemoller “The Last Resort”.

The “lemon” to-do list:
-fix bass level and sound
-use vapor, liquid, fluid, ricochet plugins for modulation
-use CSR for reverb
-dimension d on delay busses
-reduce delays in some parts to make it more noticeable in other places
-moving delay time on one part?
-eq/fx the noise parts
-pad still needs something
-more effects processing on the drums, especially the synthetic parts
-use the uad precision bus compressor on drum bus
-snare needs something
-maybe more rides?
-pan things wider
-vary width at key points in the song
-automate some pans
-have brief sections where focus drops to one part
-experiment with sidechain compression on kick/bass
-work on loud/soft dynamics