Mixing Lurp

Mixing “lurp” and listening to Future Sound of London “Lifeforms” and “ISDN”, David Morley “Ghosts”, and Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”. This is one of the darker and weirder tracks on the album, before things resolve with “flicker”, so I’m trying to emphasize that in the mix. In general, things are still going slower than I’d like, but steady progress is being made and this and “lemon” are starting to sound pretty good.

The “lurp” to do list:
-fx/volume automation on noises
-verb on bleeps
-lead needs something
-fine tune bass volume automation
-chords need work
-lusher pads
-edit blip arrangement at end to transition into “flicker”
-use soundtoys phaser, echoboy
-neve compressor on drum bus?
-snare needs something
-fx/verb on percussion parts
-sidechain bass/kick
-loud/soft dynamics